Todd Barr



Our History
Barr's Painting has been in business nearly 30 years, being ran by the business owner, Todd Barr.

On December 31, 1987, Todd had a bad motorcycle accident and lost the use of his left arm, resulting him to be put on disability. Todd wanted more out of life than what disability had to offer, and he wasn't going to let his disability hold him back. So then Todd went out seeking work, and was offered a job to paint a bedroom in a house, even though he had never painted before, he still accepted the job offer. Then after completing the job, he realized his true passion, and decided to start painting for a living. Therefore, he wanted to cancel his disability check and start a paint company. Todd went to the Social Security Office to inform them that he was wanting to cancel his disability check to start a paint company and they didn't think it was a good idea to cancel and insisted that he stay on disability, and instructed him to come back in 9 months if he still wants to cancel his disability. Within the 9 months, he was seeking help to learn to read and heard about United Way literacy counsel and they told him about a lady named Sarah Howe who taught Todd to read. Then, he went back to school at CPCC to gain education in blueprint architecture. Then, he got his disability canceled and started his own business, Barr's Painting.

To find work, Todd started by knocking door to door, trying to gather up painting jobs. It was slow work at first but Todd was determined and knew he couldn't give up. As his business grew, so did bringing in work. Today, Barr's Painting has kept good business, along with a good reputation, because Todd strives to satisfy his customers, do the job right, and work beyond their expectations.

To this day, Barr's Painting will paint a job as small as one room to as big as the Franklin Square Shopping Center.

Family Owned and Operated